Friday, August 28, 2009

new bob interview

Journey Beyond The Artist’s Studio: Bob Reuter

Beyond the surface, there is a deep end to each artist I meet. Through this series of interviews, I have had the great opportunity to introduce many artists to a developing audience, virtually visiting each in their studio. The tenth interview in the ongoing series Journey Beyond The Artist’s Studio is with South City’s own, St Louis artist Bob Reuter.

Essential to Reuter’s photographs/music/writing is a great, familiar sense of being alive in the moment. His photographs, noir as they might appear, are contemporary moments captured. Unlike documents, Reuter’s photos are complete with the sense of time. That sense that it’s Thursday. That sense that it is 2:00pm. Bob’s songs are visceral and of a legendary quality. Reuter’s stories are actual legends. All are about Bob.

Recently I caught up with Bob:

Please start off by describing your studio for our readers in 3 words.

world of confusion

If you could take a trip in a time machine, when and where would you go?

Memphis 1956.

Do you work full-time as an artist or do you have another job?

Full time artiste

Tell us 3 random things about yourself.

  • I come from a different time
  • I can tolerate way more pain than the average person
  • And I'm very good at what I do!

Please select one of the following super human powers that best fit your personality and tell us why:
-the ability to fly
-the ability to become invisible
-super human strength
-the ability to read minds.

-super human strength** - I can tolerate a lot of pain

When did you start making art and how did you get into it?

I started making shit when I was about 7 - got into it by dating artists and when it would never work out, I became one.

You completely change your career path with no limitations; what other fields interest you?

I'm already open and ready to go wherever my heart takes me - I mean I already write, take pictures, draw and sing my own songs

What motivates you as an artist? Why do you make art?

- the need to tell my own story - ie, what it's been like to be Bob Reuter in the middle of America during the last half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries

Who do you admire (artist or otherwise)? Why?

Anybody who lives their own life, walks their own path, feels their own feelings and aint a republican or racist asshole

Describe what you would do with a free storefront property and $10,000?

Start the church of the 45 RPM single! - St. Sam Phillips of Memphis

Thank you for the interview Bob!
  • To learn more about the Bob Reuters stories please visit his website.
  • To purchase Bob’s photographs, visit his shop.
  • Please show your appreciation for Bob by leaving a comment here.
  • Bob's Scratchy Records is presented each Friday at 2:00 pm on KDHX.
  • For samples of Reuter’s music, check him out online.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bands I've seen - the ones I can remember

This is one of those list people make on Facebook and I  thought mine came out pretty fucking impressive so I thought I'd put it up here!

1. The Beatles 1966
2. Rolling Stones 1972
3. The Who 1967
4. The Ramones
5. Jimi Hendrix
6. The Doors
7. The Nazz
8. Janice Joplin
9. New York Dolls
10 The Faces
11 Prince 1982
12 Eric Burden
13 Buddy Guy
14 Springstien 1975
15 Black Diamond Heavies as a trio and a duo
16 Uncle Tupelo -went with them on Frozen Corn Tour in Iowa
17 Dick Dale (opened for him)
18 Jim Carol in Ciceroes basement
19 Townes Van Zandt (opened for him twice)
20 George Jones
21 The Ronnettes
22 Willie Deville
23 Willie Nelson 1974 in San Fransisco
24 X
25 John Harford
26 Roy Orbison
27 Elvis Costello and the Attractions at River Daze 1978
28 Dresden Dolls at Fredericks Music Lounge (I did sound!!)
29 Link Wray
30 Hazil Atkins
31 Motorhead
32 The Remains
33 Niel Young
34 Ray Charles
35 Bob Dylan bob Dylan bob Dylan
36 Sonic Youth
37 Robert Gordon
38 Jonathan Richmond
39 Paul Revere and the Raiders (my first concert!)
40 Nick Lowe
41 Wreckles Eric
42 Steve Earl
43 John Prine and Steeve Goodman
44 Captain Beefheart
45 Chuck Berry
46 Fontella Bass
47 Oliver Sain
48 The jayhawks
49 Jomi Mitchell
50 BB King
51 Chuck Berry
52 Bobby Bland
53 Al Green
54 Loudon Wainwright the III
55 Ronnie Hawkins
56 Everly Brothers
57 Gladys Knight and the Pips
58 Mel Torme
59 Eugene Chadborn
60 Tom Robinson Band
61 Dead Boy and the Elephant Men at Frederick's Music Lounge
62 The Soledad Brothers
63 Mitch Ryder
64 The Young Rascals
65 The Blues Magoos
66 The Cream
67 T Model Ford
68 Alex Chilton
69 Gil Scott Herron
70 Dwight Yokum
71 Pete Anderson at Frederick's Music Lounge