Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So we're coming into my favorite time of year! I love the heat, (not so much during the day, except for the fact that it brings to mind all the best parts of growing up in the non-air conditioned days of North St. Louis,) but more particularly the nights. I could just swim out through the thick wet St. Louis night - wetter the better! conjures up noir,Tennessee Williams, the 40's 50's and 60's, crimes of passion, cold bottles of beer in a forhead press - respite from the scary ass days when all the truly horrible shit happens. Many was the night me and my many dead friends walked the back streets wondering as we wandered what our futures held - for some, like Frankie, the truth was been mostly dead air - I wonder sometimes at the confusion he might have felt, or maybe he just dreamed of his baby girl growing to womanhood with dreams of her own. Anyway, now it's just me alone but I still wonder enough
for us all.
My Photos | Bob Reuter Three weeks ago I took part in a film being made by Wolfgang Lehmkuhl, the title is "Scratcher" and I play the lead. It's about a widower obsessed with the lotto - he's living for that winning ticket - I spend a sizable portion of the film in the front seat of a big ass Cadillac out in a night of pouring rain - you'd never guess there was a crew of four standing six feet away running hoses, lights and cameras - it's all part of this place, this dream in which i love to dissolve out there in the night. Reality came crashing down on the last day of the shoot which took place out in the elements on a bridge 'cross the Mississippi - one of those cold, wet and windy last hold out winterish days - 'neath a junglish overhang of trees with relative strangers attempting to dry shave my three week beard, using only plastic disposable razors and bottled water - a half wet towel wrapped 'round my throat protecting the suit all wind whipped and raw - It's all a long curve, it all comes at it's own time - C'MON SUMMER!!! I dont know how long I can wait!