Friday, April 16, 2010

just like you'd see in Vogue!

The other day I was at Vintage Vinyl looking for stuff to play on my radio show and couldnt help noticing this beautiful young girl in a sleeveless black dress - real arty type and she wore red lipstick and had this series of red lines diagonally slanted across her right cheekbone - looked like something you'd see in Vogue Magazine! Anyway I let it go till a little later I made my way over to the truntable to test drive a couple of platters and noticed that she and another gal were using it. When they saw me approach with a records in my hand they smiled and said something like, "Ok, now it's your turn!"

As I sat down and was about to put on the cans I noticed she was debating whether she ought to actually buy this one comp, a "Detroit Party" collection. I told her if she wasnt gonna get it, that I would - well, she debated and then I asked if she lived in town, she allowed that she was actually from Nashville but, yeah, she WAS an art student going to school here. so I says, I do a radio show called Bob's Scratchy Records and that if I bought it and it was any good she could hear it on the radio - She lit up and said she was familiar with the show and really liked it and that that would be fine.

I figured only an art student could pull off that red thing cross the cheekbone and said so - she thanked me but said that it was really from a bike riding accident in which she had fallen off and skidded across the pavement on her face. (SILENCE)

"Well it looks great!" I said, "Not everyone could pull that off!"

Just for the record - that record in question was a collection of lesser known late period Motown artists doing bad bad disco mixes of once popular soul songs - the collection was from the early 90's - it sucked.

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