Saturday, June 11, 2011

The sun's going down on Grand and Gravois

The sun's going down on Grand and Gravois as a skittish Mexican hairless makes it's way east 'cross four lanes of traffic. This town's beginning to look a lot like some foreign country - barefoot goat herding survivors of floods, cat in a turban leads his llama through the Tiny Bubbles Launderette - proverbial Black Hole of Calcutta, giant Negro pirate with a bird on his shoulder

"Why you hardly seem Black at all, in fact you sound like some tea swilling Brit!" she laughed.

Sittin' at the Taco Bell drive up window awkwardly shoving your money over the top of your door cause the electric push button windows no longer work and you run out what's left of your last quarter tank of gas. Six minutes left on the "pay as you go" piece of shit Chinese phone in your pocket. Gun shots off in the distance as sweat burns your eyes. I been spending like a broken yo yo for weeks without feeling the least bit better and now it's really time to pay! What the hell YOU lookin at?! This is AMERICA GOD DAMN IT!!

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