Tuesday, April 7, 2009

review of bob's photos by Naomi Silver from Culture Surfer

Soulard Art Market's Notes

Our current exhibition "Rock Paint Scissors" will be on display until April 5th, be sure to check it out! This exhibition features the work of three of Saint Louis' most incredible artists, Bob Reuter, Julie Malone, and David Langley.

Naomi Silver from Culture Surfer interviewed the "Rock" part of this exhibition, Bob Reuter.

Bob Reuter's photography pieces are simply amazing. The often rough and edgy black and white photography will let you reminisce of different times. They are dramatic and darkly romantic in other ways and will allow your curiosity to spill and make you wonder who these folks are, and especially who is this lovely Bob Reuter character.

Bob's work, the astounding black and white photography generally contains subjects that he meets all over. He is Truly fascinating! Be sure to check out his website for more information about the man behind the camera.

(bob says, "Holy fuck!")

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