Thursday, July 30, 2009

bob gets mentioned in a blog by the Portland band Hairspray Blues

So - Our show in Wichita was so fun. It was an awesome place - kind of like someones living room and all of the people there were very regular patrons. It was the tiniest cutest venue. We played really well and everyone loved it. We sold some more cd's - and made some tips. It was awesome and we loved it and will go back for sure.

Our show in St. Louis was really good too...the venue was kind of weird but everyone there was really cool and we made some new friends from the band Thee Dirty South who played blues rock and the last song was so awesome - the singer put down his guitar and sang the hell out of the song and walked around and kicked stuff and was REALLY into it. He kicked a whole in the stage which was totally badass....he was probably in his 50's(?) I'm bad at guessing ages but he was awesome as was the rest of the band. We exchanged info and will stay in touch for sure. He gave us a rad photo that he took of St. Louis as a souvenier - it's black and white and all grainy and cool.

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