Thursday, July 30, 2009

The other day, this guy comes into the radio station to get a bumper sticker and he goes,

"Is that guy, Crazy Bob here????"

and well, I'm not about to answer to "Crazy Bob" so I go, "Bob on Friday afternoons? That's me..."

and he goes,

"I just love you, you crack me up - keep me laughin all the time when I listen to you while I'm workin"

I go, "What do you do" and he says,

"I put 'the boot' on cars that have too many tickets" and I go

"Jesus, I've always wondered what kinda person does that - I been booted twice now - cant you get no honest work???!!"

He says, "I'm trying but this is all I can find"

I go, "You could put dogs asleep at the pound."

he's like, "You crack me up Crazy Bob?"

"I'll let'em know when he gets in" I say

I go, "K, bye"

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